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Douglas Carswell

Douglas has spent the past two decades helping shape the public-policy agenda, as a Member of Parliament, campaigner, think tanker, writer and policy expert.

He co-founded Vote Leave, the official Brexit campaign, and has a track-record building teams that successfully influence political outcomes. 

Douglas has written several books and influential policy papers.  

He pioneered the use on digital campaigning to win elections and has produced online content watched by hundreds of thousands each week.

Douglas has written for the Times, Telegraph, New York Times and has a regular column for CapX.

Dr Radomir Tylecote

Radomir is a political scientist and specialist in reform of government. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs. His publications include Plan A+: Creating a prosperous post-Brexit UK (with Shanker Singham) and Raising the Roof: How to solve the United Kingdom’s housing crisis (with Jacob Rees-Mogg MP). A former external advisor to HM Treasury, he has a PhD from Imperial College London Business School and MPhil from Cambridge University. He is regularly published in the press including The Telegraph, CityAM, CapX and The Spectator.

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