Our focus

by admin

Big changes are possible if people are prepared” – Dominic Cummings.

The Good Governance Project is currently focused on research in three key areas:

  • Reengineering Whitehall: The fundamental cause of Whitehall failure is not lack of bureaucrats or money, but poor management. We are currently working on a major project looking at how we can we improve the way ministers and officials are selected, trained, incentivised, managed and held accountable.
  • Innovation and defence. The British state faces a scenario of emerging military adversaries combined with insufficient spending on the domestic R&D on which growth and defence depend. Projects like a UK version of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in the US) can help increase our innovative capacity. But their success will depend on a wide range of successful reforms to the UK system of innovation and the environment for firms and investors. These are vital if our growth and security are to be renewed.
  • Public procurement: Leaving the EU means that EU procurement rules no longer necessarily need to apply. This is a great opportunity for ensuring that the government spends public money better. We are currently looking at how this might be done, both in the defence sector, and elsewhere.

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